Ballades of the East

Marina Trisic Martris
Ballades of the East – Photography Dani Torlentino 


The duo Marina Trisic, singer and a songwriter (Serbia) and Sharon Stewart, composer and a pianist (USA) take you on an eclectic musical journey inspired by Balkan folklore tales and ballads, written by Marina and interwoven with the free improvising style of  Sharon, with jazz, classical and contemporary elements.


“a mystical musical journey through myths and tales”

Ballades of the East is a multifaceted project that in its starting idea wishes to capture the essence of the culture and the music from the Balkan region. In exploring the “traditional” and moving further away from it, Martris and Sharon are creating a unique twist of their personal interpretations and styles.

“fairytales like songs with Eastern European melancholy”

Martris: “People usually think of happy wedding music when they think about Balkan music here in Western Europe so this might come as a bit of surprise. Our music has the flavor of classical and film music, sad gypsy songs, ballads, jazz improvisations, and fairytales. It can be sad and deep at times as Fado and invigorating and intense as life in the Balkans…there is a lot of East European melancholy in it”