Ballades of the East


The duo Marina Trisic (singer and a songwriter) and Rudjer Glavurtic (composer and a pianist) take you on an eclectic musical journey inspired by Balkan folklore tales and ballads, written by Marina and interwoven with the free improvising style of Rudjer, with jazz, classical and contemporary elements.

“A journey through myths and tales”

Ballades of the East, a contemporary world and Balkan jazz music with piano, voice, and percussions is a journey through seminal myths and tales of the Balkans, expressed in ballade form that searches for the deeper meaning of the myths and the universal symbolism they carry. Ballades of the East is a search for identity and belonging, a

Marina Trisic and Rudjer Glavurtic
Marina Trisic and Rudjer Glavurtic Ballades of the East

deeper belonging that explores its culture of origin while at the same time questioning it in order to transcend its boundaries in search for universal truth, love, and understanding.

We are currently in the process of recording a CD. We have two songs ready. You can see our videos on the youtube links below or download them through CDBaby or Band Camp site.

youtube icon  Youtube Video  Morana 

youtube icon  Youtube Video Da sam reka 

youtube icon New video ~Kraj reke~  audio recording

from our concert in Ousterwijk, Nederland


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Ballades of the East CD
Ballades of the East CD cover Marina Trisic and Rudjer Glavurtic Photography © Dani Torlentino

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We are currently planning a short run of small podium and house concerts across the Nederlands. On the page Agenda, you can find out more about it.

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If you would like to host a house concert with the repertoire Ballades of the East with Marina and Rudjer in a duet, please contact us on +31 (0)6 40817890  or fill out a booking inquiry. 

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Rujder Glavurtic, pianist and composer regularly plays at privately organized piano concerts.  If you are interested to book a concert with him or to hire him for an occasion like: birthday, reception, funeral or a business event, you can visit his page Rudjer Glavurtic. Or you can call: +31(0)630822202  and email at

Rudjer Glavurtic
Rudjer Glavurtic