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CD Ballades of the East  by Marina Trisic Martris and Rudjer Glavurtic includes the songs:

  1. By the River / Kraj reke 4:26
  2. If I was a river / Da sam reka 5:17
  3. Morana 4:25
  4. Seagulls/ Galebovi 3:55
  5. Song of the Storm / Pesma oluje 5:04

Song texts are written and performed by Marina Trisic Martris

Piano arrangements composed and performed by Rudjer Glavurtic

Songs 1, 4 and 5 Recorded and mixed by  Sharon Stewart at

SRS Recording Studio, (Arnhem, Nederland)
Songs 1,4 and  5, Mastered by Kristijan Stefanovski (Serbia)
Songs 2 and 3 Recorded, mixed and mastered at
Saveroom Atelje- Vladimir Jovan, (Belgrade, Serbia)

Artworks and design by Marina Trisic Martris

Liner notes by Marina Trisic Martris

Ballades of the East, original music by Serbian-born singer-songwriter Martris, in collaboration with pianist Rudjer Glavurtic from Croatia, is a set of contemporary world music numbers with piano and voice. Through her poetry and melodies, through her writings and art, Martris is searching for identity and belonging. Inspired by Slavic and Serbian tales and myths, she searches for deeper belonging by exploring her culture of origin while at the same time questioning it in order to transcend its boundaries in search of universal truth and understanding.

Ballades of the East is a multifaceted project that – in its seminal intent – wishes to capture the essence of the culture and music from the Balkan region. In exploring the “traditional” while moving further away from it – walking a line between folk, classical, jazz and improvisation – Martris and Rudjer are creating a unique blend of their personal interpretations and styles.

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More about Martris music and texts visit her site here – Martris 

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