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Marina Trisic Martris
Ballades of the East ~ Photography by Dani Torlentino © 2017

Singer-songwriter and an artist Marina Trisic Martris was exposed from an early age to a wide spectrum of arts in Serbia, where she grew up. Upon moving to the Nederlands, she has set on the path of studying fine arts and theater, with singing as a major part of her development.

Marina Trisic photo by David Berg 2018

The core and inspiration of her vocal expression lie in ethnic musical techniques from the Balkans. With her heartfelt, tender, yet deeply penetrating and vibrant vocal sound, she seeks to express and share, as she likes to say, the deepest intangible layers of her heart and soul. She is “painting” vocally and melodically the intangible messages of her poetic images with her penetrating jet often melancholic voice in new and often surprising ways. In Ballades of the East, she seeks to bridge the cultures of East and West; Redefining the deeper messages of the cultures of Balkan and a heartfelt desire to share and communicate her poetic vocal expression with the cultures of the West.

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20161204-20161204-DBE_3255 (1)
Sharon Stewart ~ photography by David Berg © 2016

Sharon Stewart studied piano at the Utrecht School of the Arts, Faculty of Music, and later completed a Masters in Music Pedagogy at the Royal Conservatoire, the Hague, where she focused on feminisms, improvisation and technology in a music pedagogical practice. She has a private piano practice in Arnhem, creates (electroacoustic) sound works and installations, collaborates as sound artist with various dancers, and serves as Associate.

Editor of the Journal of Sonic Studies. Sharon studied with Pauline Oliveros and is currently one of the core teachers for the online Deep Listening certificate program for the Center for Deep Listening, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Works with dancers have been performed at festivals and other venues in Arnhem, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, The Hague (NL), Copenhagen (DE) and Marseilles (FR).

Paying attention to dreams is a rich source for her in understanding her underlying and transform-ing/ational emotional states as well as providing a, sometimes astounding, source of raw materials. Field recordings form an inspirational basis for many of her compositions. The underlying motive is to share the wonder of opening to the sounds around us in an aware and playful manner.

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Rudjer Glavurtic
Rudjer Glavurtic ~ photography by David Berg © 2018

Rudjer Glavurtic began his musical journey with studying piano in Serbia. In Croatia, he graduated from the Department of Organ; In the Nederlands, he graduated with a degree in Composition at the Conservatorium in Utrecht in 2009. He is a member of New Geneco – The Dutch Professional Association for Composers. In his compositions, he often leads a listener towards surprising and unexpected conclusions, connecting seemingly unrelated elements into a meaningful whole. His compositions are varied and include a wide spectrum of commissioned works that are often performed publicly like the composition for BBC singers performed in Maribor (Slovenia)  at International Society for Contemporary Music, a composition for 15 solo strings performed in Zagreb on Osorske Glazbene Veceri (Croatia),  and his piano compositions performed by Damir Greguric on Zagreb Summer Fest (Croatia). In the Ballades of the East, he is inspired by the rich poetic imagery of Marina’s texts and melodies, striving to paint them sonically with his compositions and interact with them in new and surprising ways.

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